Congratulations to our Class of 2022

9% of the class achieved an ATAR score over 95 placing them in the top 5% of Victoria and 40% achieved a score over 80, placing them in the top 20% of the state.

15 students also received the VCE Baccalaureate, an additional form of recognition for students who successfully meet the demands of studying a higher-level mathematics subject and a language in their VCE program.



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Elizabeth Dinh

College DUX 2022 | ATAR 98.5 | Perfect Score in Further Mathematics

Congratulations to the 2022 护士色情片 DUX, Elizabeth Dinh.

A passionate, community minded and authentic student leader, Elizabeth has pursued excellence in all of its forms, not only for herself but for her peers as well.聽Throughout her time at 护士色情片, Elizabeth has embraced every opportunity to contribute, participate and engage in school life.

An accomplished violinist, articulate speaker and excellent athlete, she has represented the College across many fields and as an 护士色情片 Ambassador.

Recognised as the Rotary Lions Youth of the Year in 2022, Elizabeth was also the Public Speaking and Debating Captain, Year 12 Debater of the Year and Runner Up 护士色情片 2022 Swimming Champion.

Earlier this year Elizabeth participated in the RACI Titration Stakes Chemistry competition and has adeptly balanced her leadership duties and co-curricular activities with her studies.

Elizabeth plans to study Optometry.

Nishara Fernando

ATAR 98.25聽

Nishara set high expectations for herself academically in her VCE journey and has worked diligently and conscientiously to realise her goals.

An independent, co-operative and motivated learner, Nishara has stood as a role model for those around her. With a thoughtful approach to her studies, Nishara has consistently sought to extend her skills and mastery of content throughout VCE.

A keen learner and a deep thinker, her natural organisational skills have contributed to a highly successful final year of study. A positive and voracious academic, Nishara embodies true scholarship.

Nishara hopes to pursue Law or Medicine at university.

Rhea D’Souza

ATAR 98.1

Rhea鈥檚 outstanding results in VCE are a result of her mature, methodical and committed approach to her studies.

An enthusiastic learner, Rhea has taken every opportunity to enhance her knowledge and skills, and has used feedback to further her capabilities.

A left-field thinker, Rhea鈥檚 contributions in class often challenge others towards more flexible ideas. She is generous with her talents and supportive of her peers and their endeavours.

Rhea hopes to study Psychology or Occupational Therapy.

Cynthia Locandro

VCAL High Achiever

With the sunniest of dispositions, Cynthia always lights up the room with her positivity. A generous learner, she is always willing to share ideas and assist her peers. Cynthia is a committed student who always strives for her personal best and only submits work she is proud of. She accepts all challenges put in front of her willingly and is solution focused.

A self directed learner who is able to step up and lead when required, Cynthia is an excellent team member and her clear instructions and strong sense of justice ensure all feel included and respected.

Cynthia鈥檚 sense of humour contributes to a joyous classroom environment. Well done Cynthia.