Victorian Pathways Certificate

The Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC) is designed to support students to transition either to the VCE Vocational Major or to entry level VET or employment. This pathway is chosen in collaboration with the Learning Diversity Leader and the Pathways Leader.

Year 11 & 12 VPC Subject Selection Guide


VPC Subjects

VPC Literacy


VPC Literacy enables the development of knowledge, skills and capabilities relevant to reading, writing and oral communication and their practical application in the contexts of everyday life, family, employment, further learning and community.

This study provides students with the key skills and knowledge to interpret and create texts with appropriateness, accuracy, confidence and fluency, as well as for learning in and out of school, and for participating in the workplace and community.

The word 鈥榯ext鈥 refers to any attempt to communicate through written, visual or spoken language that can be assigned meaning and can be drawn from a range of sources including media texts, multimodal texts, texts used in daily interactions such as print and social media, and workplace texts such as operational and instruction manuals in everyday and familiar settings.

VPC Numeracy


The purpose of this study is to enable students to develop their everyday numeracy practices to make sense of their personal, public, and future vocational lives.

Students develop foundational mathematical skills with consideration of their personal, home, vocational and community environments and contexts, and an awareness and use of accessible and appropriate technologies.

This study focuses on providing students with the fundamental mathematical knowledge, skills, understandings and dispositions to solve problems in real life contexts for a range of workplace, personal, further learning and community settings relevant to contemporary society.

The numeracies will be situated in accessible, concrete and highly familiar contexts where the mathematics content is explicit with little or no text or distracting information.

Units 1 and 2 are completed over two years with different contexts and themes covered each year.

VPC Personal
Development Skills (PDS)


VPC Personal Development Skills (PDS) takes a dual approach to exploring and optimising personal development.

This is done through a focus on understanding and caring for self, and then through a focus on engagement with community.

Students are supported through the curriculum to make positive connections between self-understanding, setting and achieving goals, purposefulness, resilience and enhanced health and wellbeing.

They look at the significance of self-care in a range of contexts including physical care, relationships and online environments. Students articulate concepts of consent, equity and access, and reflect on how to express themselves in safe and effective ways.

PDS emphasises student participation in activities that explore and utilise skills that are essential to self-development, the pursuit of health and wellbeing, and the capacity to contribute to community.

VPC Work Related Skills (WRS)


VPC Work Related Skills (WRS) enables the development of knowledge, skills and personal attributes relevant to further education and employment.

The study also provides practical, authentic opportunities for students to develop employability skills.

This study examines four key areas: workplace health and culture; skills and capabilities; planning and executing a small-scale work-related activity; and activities related to seeking employment and further training.

WRS has a major focus on the relationship between personal interests and skills, employment and education opportunities and pathway planning.

Students apply their knowledge and understanding to practical and collaborative activities to prepare for the process of applying for jobs and being a valued and productive employee in the workplace.

WRS emphasises student participation in activities that develop tangible employability skills and prepares students for their desired future pathway.