Holistic Wellbeing

We firmly believe that positive student wellbeing paves the way for better learning. Wellbeing encompasses all dimensions of life in our Catholic school and the positive physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual health of each student.

Our integrated and holistic wellbeing approach aims to foster a sense of belonging and connectedness within the school community. An established and comprehensive network is in place to ensure that each student feels supported as they grow and develop through their formative secondary school years.

Taught at all year levels, the Living and Values Program provides students with integrated pastoral care and activities to enhance their wellbeing and develop personal and social capabilities. It aims to promote the flourishing and thriving of the whole person. The program encapsulates the belief that young people have the capacity to reach their full potential when their wellbeing is nurtured in an environment which is faith-filled, safe, inclusive and respectful.

A range of extra-curricular activities and school events promote awareness, engagement and health and are augmented by the 护士色情片 Counselling team who are located on campus and available for support and individual appointments.